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Australian Drift Club

The Australian Drift Club was founded in 2005 by a group of car enthusiasts that strived to promote the sport and ensure its wide growth within Australia. However, a key component was to keep costs to a minimum to ensure its affordability for beginners. As a result of this, the Australian Drift Club was established as a Non-Profit Organization that is accredited with the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS). This meant that each individual wanting to get into the sport of drifting would now be provided with a safe and secure environment, under professional supervision. Thus, allowing drifters to boost skills without putting themselves and others at risk, when such driving practices are performed on a public road.

Australian Drift Club can provide you with club membership and a CAMS license, this will prepare you for track access, once you have your membership and CAMS license in order your ready to book your driver spot at any Australian Drift Club event.

Australian Drift Club events cater to a wide range of driver skill from beginner all the way to a competitive state championship.

For more information browse through the site if you have any queries please email .

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